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At    SAMS APPAREL, INC   our sourcing methods have been developed to optimze the combination of cost / production time and manufacturing capabilities/capacities.    Sams Apparel controls its supply chain from design through production by working in collaboration with elite FACTORIES who can achieve and maintain high level QUALITY.  Our factories are Environment/ECO Friendly & WRAP certified and meet major retailers audits & compliance.   Our licensed brands are:  Adrienne Vittadini / MODAL / GEAR / 82oFAHRENHEIT / FACE outerwear.    To see our full line of  mens/women & kids    OUTERWEAR / ACTIVEWER / SPORTSWEAR / WORKWEAR   come visit us in New York.   Please make an appointment by either:  Email:   Modal10@aol.com   or TEL:  1-917-549-0452

Our Specialty: Styles!

We follow the trends worldwide and select new styling based on how interesting, diverse and eye-catching they are. 


Everything You Need

Our showroom offers all better quality OUTERWEAR in mens & womens.   We can do things according to your needs/wants.

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